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Endpoint Lifecycle Management

Desktops, Laptops, Servers & Mobile Devices

Today’s users expect availability of applications, information and resources, no matter what device they use or where the information they need physically lies. This puts pressure on IT staff to gain management control of the fast-growing heterogeneous endpoint infrastructure. However, with an increasing number of remote users, more mobile devices, traditional desktops and laptops and a growing use of virtual infrastructures—this is quite a challenge. IT needs a comprehensive endpoint management solution that helps them manage the infrastructure in a quick, flexible, and reliable way. Enterprises require a solution that can help them manage the entire endpoint lifecycle and also deal with the complexities involved with managing the heterogeneous endpoints.

Compliance Management

Endpoint, Software Assets & Compliance Management

Software represents a major expense for any organization—and a significant risk if it’s not deployed, licensed, and managed effectively throughout its lifecycle. In simple terms, you can’t manage what you can’t see. And if you don’t know what IT software assets you have on the network, you can’t optimize their availability, manage costs, or reduce risks. The price of mismanaging software is high. Typically, organizations over-spend on software licensing by purchasing excess licenses, failing to reclaim unused licenses and buying outside of license agreements. Software audits can prove to be expensive if software asset management (SAM) practices and technologies are not in place. Ensuring compliance with your license agreements and managing the software lifecycle can surely help minimize software expenses.

IT Infrastructure & Services Management

Networks, Security, Servers, Applications, Data Centers & more

The IT Infrastructure of today is the backbone that helps an organization run its business. Efficient management of the IT infrastructure is thus of paramount importance. Today’s heterogeneous infrastructures with a plethora of network components, on premise and off premise server and data center resources and security solutions make IT infrastructure management a daunting task. Managing the infrastructure and services operations is always on the agenda for the organization. After all, People, Processes and Technology have to converge.

Training Services

After implementing solutions around Endpoint Lifecycle Management, Compliance Management and IT Infrastructure Management celest Technologies Services provides training & knowledge transfer sessions to bring in operational efficiencies. These services can be customized for specific customers and range from technologies, solutions and operations. celest Technologies Services brings in years of experience to offer specific training needs.