Content Authoring

Build content: Create native and beautiful content inside of your LMS without the need for purchasing any external licenses.

Offer assessments: Test students, monitor their progress and keep everything in one place.

Webcam Proctoring: Force students to turn on their webcam when completing your assessments.

Integrate SCORM: You’ll be able to upload your SCORM packages and natively display your content within your LMS.

Integrate H5P: H5P is our fully native free SCORM alternative. With over 40 content types, you’ll be able to share interactive content with your students.

Course Management

Create courses: Create unlimited courses and manage categories all in one place.

Setup learning paths: Map out and personalize your client’s journey. Create custom user experiences and automate learning paths.

User enrollments: Easily setup simple enrollment methods for your clients’ end-users.

Social Learning: Promote user interaction with built in social learning tools.


Track progress in real time: Monitor user progress, see which activities have been completed and export reports.

Machine Learning reports: Get intelligent insights into your LMS with automated machine learning reports at scale.

AI Assist: Your “Actual Intelligent” assistant will help identify key problem areas on your LMS to help you fix them.

360 overview dashboard: Get all the side-wide reports you need on one page.

Custom enterprise reporting: If you’re not finding what you need by default, create custom reports to fill those gaps.

Event monitoring: Track key events on your LMS with email notifications.

Additional security: Add an extra layer of security to your LMS.

User Management

Create and add users: You can add team members and students to your platform in multiple ways:

Branches: Create a multi-tenant site with user branches. Setup multiple site branches for easier client management.

Secure user profiles: Every user on your LMS will have their own secured authenticated profile.

Create user navigation tours: You can create unique click tours to help your end-users get familiar with your LMS interface.

Multiple languages: Each user can set their own LMS interface language to assist with easier navigation.

Site calendar: All events get automatically added to your LMS calendar.

Gamification: Keep your students engaged with LMS gamification.

Certification: Reward your students for completing courses on your LMS.

White Labelling

Your own logo and theme: Completely white-label your LMS site to your own branding.


Connect video conferencing: Create calls without leaving your LMS. Setup live meetings with your students for webinars and more.

Sell courses via E-Commerce: Connect your preferred payment gateways to your LMS and begin selling your courses.

Integrate anything with Zapier: Automate your workflows and connect Celest LMS to 3rd party apps.

Connect your CRM and HR tools: Sync your employee, customer and student information with your LMS.

API Access: Connect to our native API and build anything you can imagine.

External Repositories: Google Drive,AWS S3 Buckets,Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox

Single Sign On (SSO): Sync user login credentials with external applications.

LTI: LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) allows you to connect external systems within your courses such as labs and other external content.